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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  June 18, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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an "world news tonight," from charleston we take you inside the church during the moment of horror the grandmother and her granddaughter who played dead to survive here the gunman in that bible study class for an hour before opening fire. who he asked for and what he said when the shooting was over. tonight here the major arrests. we're in the town where they found him. we have team coverage. also developing the flooding that's turning life threatening, the child swept away in the current. 50 million americans bracing for extreme weather tonight, and the two giant fires exploding overnight. the hunt for the escaped killers tonight and the new twist. the gift for the prison workers, a woman who worked in the taylor shop, what she took home with her. and what are the number one complaints for consumers in america, those robo calls, telemarketers and now text messaging you too.
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tonight the sweeping crackdown and the simple tool to get them to stop. good evening from charleston tonight, the scene of a horrific attack at this church behind me, mother emanuel now the scene of the worst church shooting in recent memory. a gunman opening fire at a sacred time during bible study, nine people killed. searing images of a community in shock tonight, neighbors embracing, a man falling to his knees in prayer. tonight dylann roof boarding the plane to be brought back to charleston, earlier today taken into custody, smirking at the cameras. tonight right here the story of that grandmother i mentioned urging her granddaughter to pretend she was dead as that alleged gunman opened fire. she and her granddaughter among the only three who survived this.
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we have team coverage tonight, the loved ones last the coach, the preacher the librarian, but we begin with the moment that suspect walked into this church. reporter: overnight, the images of the horror. the tears, after the terror inside their church. 8:00 pm, this surveillance image. 21-year-old dylann roof walking into the emanuel ame church here in downtown charleston. le sposhl skb foo roof asking for the pastor, clementa pinckney, a state senator too, leading the bible study. the suspect sitting down with the group for nearly an hour. when it's over, just after 9:00 pm, the suspect stands up and begins firing, the reverend among the first. 9:05 pm, the 911 calls begin pouring in. units immediately dispatched to the historic church. >> advising of an active shooter. multiple people down. >> we have someone running around armed downtown. >> reporter: eight dying at the scene. one dying on the way to the hospital. six women and three men. there were three survivors in that room. among them, a grandmother and her young granddaughter, just 4 or 5 years old.
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that grandmother, when it was all done, told her story to the reverend's cousin sylvia. >> what did she tell you? >> she said it was just horrible, like, just blood all over the place. she played dead in order to, you know, survive, in order to get him not to shoot her. >> she told her granddaughter to play dead too? >> play dead, yes. her son was also supposed to play dead but he wanted to check on my cousin, the reverend. cla men meanty pinckney. and when he got up that's when the gunman questioned him and started, you know, saying, ya'll rape our women, and y'all have taken over the country and i have to do what i have to do. >> and she had to sit here and
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listen to this? >> she had to sit there and listen to it, see it. >> reporter: the survivor telling sylvia her story, while standing in her blood-soaked dress. she described the moment the gunman entered the church. >> the gunman came in and asked where's the minister? >> he asked that? >> he asked where is the minister. and they showed him where he was, and clementa, the kind spirited person that he is, he um, he had him to sit next to him, and conducted a bible study and he sat through the entire bible study. >> how long was he sitting there? >> um, from what i gather it was about an hour. >> reporter: an hour the suspect sitting there with them all. and when they began to leave -- >> when they were getting ready
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to dismiss, then he started shooting. he loaded up about five times. >> she had to listen to the whole thing? >> she described the sound. it was awesome. >> reporter: and when it over, you could hear the dispatchers. talking about that grandmother and her granddaughter. >> we got two people coming out, an adult female and a child, they were found in the room. they need to get checked out. >> it is unfathomable that somebody in today's society would walk into a church, when people are having a prayer meeting, and take their lives. >> reporter: we've now learned that during the overnight hours family members were calling their loved ones who they thought might be in that church. victims' cell phones ringing inside the church, on the floor. immediately, the manhunt. helicopters swarming overhead, police combing through streets, trying to track the gunman with police dogs. these images of the suspect driving off in a black sa dan.
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a family member recognized his nephew. revealing to authorities his nephew's father had given him a .45 caliber pistol for his birthday just this year. this morning, 5:55 am, a major break. the suspect using his atm card at a gas station in charlotte, north carolina, 210 miles away from charleston. soon after, a witness, debbie dils, who works at a local flower shop was leaving her own church when she noticed a man with a distinct haircut driving that car. 10:44 am in shelby, north carolina, they pull him over and arrest him. the president addressing the nation a short time later. >> i've had to make statements like this too many times. communities like this have had to endure tragedies like this too many times. >> reporter: and tonight, among the nine victims, that reverend, 41-years-old. ordained at 18, first elected to at 23. he leaves a wife and two children. tonight, his seat draped in black cloth. so many lives lost here and we'll get to them in just a
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moment, but there are new chilling details tonight coming in about the suspect, dylann roof, captured more than 200 miles away after a tip from that concerned citizen. that tip leading to his arrest ending the manhunt. abc's cecilia vega tonight in the town where he was visiting friends just days ago. reporter: a fresh-faced accused killer. dylann roof, hands behind his back, a bulletproof vest, just hours after his arrest. silent as he's asked, why did he do it? >> what do you have to say? >> reporter: just 21-years-old, friends say roof's alleged plan was six months in the making. today this friend since childhood telling me roof had a deep hatred of black people. >> he wanted segregation. >> how was he going to do this? >> i think he wanted something like trayvon martin to spark up the race war again. >> reporter: in this photo, flag patches on roof's jacket. one from apartheid-era south africa, the other from the former rhodesia, when it was ruled by a white minority.
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now called zimbabwe. joey meek and his mom kim saw roof just tuesday. they say he always had a gun with him. >> what kind of guns did he have? >> 45 glock. >> reporter: this is a small town, tight community. neighbors say they saw roof all the time in and out of the country store, but nothing seemed suspicious. but earlier this year, his bizarre behavior leading to run-ins with police. in february roof wearing all black arrested at a mall after asking employees out of the ordinary questions, accused of illegally possessing a prescription drug roof telling police his parents were pressuring him to get a job. just two months later roof arrested again at that same mall for trespassing. tonight friends say they are shocked by this ending. the friends say they do not believe roof was a member of any organized hate groups. they call him a loaner and they tell me he dropped out of school in the 9th grade.
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>> thank you. now to those lives cut short, people in that bible study, pillars of the community, coaching on the track field. and this moment inside another church today, a parked room, the heart break of a room and steve osunsami both you and i were there today. an extraordinary scene. >> yes, difficult for those families. we've been here twice before for police shootings in the last few months. in those instances the families were divided, but in this case, this racially explosive incident, it is uniting families. even the dangerously high heat couldn't keep people from coming to this house of god. >> whether they be black, white, whoever, we can allow this tragedy to unite us. >> reporter: white hands joined black ones together in prayer telling us the almighty sees all their tears the same. >> hate may have motivated this
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but it's not going to win. >> reporter: these three women praying outside the ame church are meeting for the first time. >> we have to fight together to go on and to live a civilized life where race doesn't matter. >> reporter: race did matter for 26-year-old tywanza sanders and 74-year-old reverend daniel simmons sr. who died on the way to the hospital. prayers for them all tonight. in detroit, dallas and even outside the u.s. correct me if i'm wrong. >> the only thing we should be armed with in our society is dignity, love, and respect for one another. >> reporter: in honor of cynthia hurd a lifelong librarian who was killed, libraries across the city will be closed tomorrow. >> all to pay respect to one of the lives lost here. thanks for your reporting. we want to turn to pierre
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thomas this evening. we heard the president say he's given too many of these speeches, saying this mass violence doesn't happen in other countries. what are your sources telling you about the suspect on his way back to charleston. >> reporter: so far the evidence suggest roof acted alone. david, you can see here tonight police searching roof's last known address with a heavy focus on computers and phones he's been recently using. while there's no evidence of a broad conspiracy, they want to see if he was influenced by hate groups or any specific individuals. the next 24 hours fbi and state investigators will interview family friends and associates. in this case david, nothing will be left to chance. >> so many questions unanswered tonight. pierre, thanks to you as well. we'll have much more on the deadly church shooting here later in this broadcast and tonight on "nightline" and of course first thing in the morning on "good morning america." we're going to turn to that severe weather, the system still
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reeking havoc this evening. a state of emergency tonight in missouri and dramatic images coming in a rock slide on interstate 35 in oklahoma. this man and his dog abandoning their car in ardmore and nearby a 2-year-old we've learned ripped from his father's arms by the rushing waters that child later died. we are also following two separate fires that exploded overnight. look at this smoke and flames in california's san bernardino national forest. rob marciano is on the ground reporting in from oklahoma now. reporter: tonight, severe weather on the move as slow moving remnants of tropical storm bill drench the heartland with record rain. roads and highways from texas to missouri impassable, three teens trapped in san antonio. >> hey! >> reporter: first responders trying a ladder to reach them as the car is engulfed. swimming to nearby trees rescuers finally reaching them by boat. >> when the first units got there water was already up to the windows.
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>> reporter: in order ardmore, a toddler swept from his father's arms. >> he was trying to evacuate the area on food when flood waters overtook him and his son and they were swept out. >> reporter: late today searchers recovering the little boy's body. meanwhile record heat sparking fires in arizona and san bernardino's national forest forcing hundreds to evacuate homes and campgrounds. our own kayna whitworth is right there. >> reporter: firefighters telling me they've seen flames as high as 40 feet. you can actually feel the heat from the lake fire as the wind pushes it up toward popular hiking trails, but the wind isn't the major concern. it's this, the dry undergrowth because of the drought. >> reporter: and no rain in the forecast. back here finally some dryer weather. it was over a foot of rainfall that took down this building. the center of what's left of bill over missouri. that's where the heaviest rains are going to be pushing east up the ohio river, over a half of foot of rain expected there and a lot of this moisture getting
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to the northeast over the weekend. >> rob marciano again with us tonight, thank you. around the world and to the pope now, his controversial new report calling for a revolution on climate change what's meant to be a teaching document for the catholic church calling it a moral issue now, saying the earth has been turned into an immense pile of filth, saying fossil fuels are partly to blame. former florida governor a devout catholic saying he will read the report but doesn't think we should politicize our faith. big developments in that manhunt for those two escaped convicts now on the run for 13 days. tonight a new clue a gift apparently from one of the men to the woman accused of helping him discovered inside her home and what officials are now asking everyone to do hoping to crack this case. again tonight, abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: tonight police are asking the public to look through their own home video, hoping to spot these two
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murderers. prison worker behind bars charged with helping the two killers. her husband saying he knew nothing about the escape plan. >> he was in shock. >> the mitchell family home richard matt's paintings of celebrities. but matt had painted one of joyce mitchell's children giving it to her as a gift. lyle mitchell's attorney saying on the night of the escape lyle and joyce left the prison and stopped at a chinese restaurant for dinner. on the drive home joyce complained of chest pains. when lyle visited joyce in jail this week they talked about the alleged murder for hire plot she discussed with the inmates to kill her husband. >> she told lyle she didn't want to go through with it. >> reporter: tonight many wondering if they could survive in the dangerous woods in the area. officials telling me tonight they need to find these men dead or alive for closure. david? >> thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday.
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>> they call morning noon and night. >> reporter: linda blasé, keeping this log of all the robocalls to her phone. >> one tried to sell me an atm. maybe i can put it in my living room. >> reporter: next time you get a call you can opt out, sometimes by pressing a designated key, even if you said yes in the past. and they must comply. another tool? some are now offering these blocking services for free. robocall violators could face up to $1,500 in fines, meaning they pay you if they break the rules. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> thanks. when we come back here tonight, who wins the battle this time? the airlines or the passengers. after word of that plan to downsize the size of your carry-on, the new development. and the new list tonight, the cities that are the most expensive to drive home from work.
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and finally tonight here in charleston, a community proving that even in the midst of such a horrific story, it can come together and move forward. some of the extraordinary people i met today. >> reporter: tonight inside another church here in charleston, we walk up to that front door and inside -- to a congregation standing room only hand in hand praying, singing, remembering the lives lost. not far away the church they call mother emanuel. in hugh brew emanuel means god with us. the church where the horror played automatic overnight has been here since the early 1800s. >> we welcome you and invite you into this place. >> reporter: tonight that reverend the first to be shot and killed this community remembering what he said before. >> could we not argue that america is about freedom. whether we live it out or not,
6:58 pm
but it really is about freedom, equality, and the pursuit of happiness. and that's what church is all about. >> reporter: and today, leaving that other church, the people who live here in this community, determined to move forward. >> that's what we're here for, unity in the unit and a peace that surveillancepasses understanding and we'll all be together. >> we surround each other in love and support. >> reporter: that is "world news tonight" from south carolina. i'm david muir. i hope to see you tomorrow night. good night.
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